Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Camping Trip a Success

I know it has been a month since our first camping trip but I have been very busy with my craft shows.  We had a wonderful time when we went camping.  Bella handled great! She is just so cute.  My suburban is bigger than she is.  When I leave the curtains open, I can see straight through her and what is behind me with my rear view mirror.  We didn't arrive at the campsite until after dark.  We were meeting up with friends and that's who I had back her in.  Still not very good backing  her up.  I need to practice backing up.

My Grandsons form L- R, John Eric and Rayson
My 2 daughters and my 2 grandsons and a little girl my daughter kept this summer went with me.  The kids had so much fun.  There were a few things I forgot (rug, broom, fly swatter).  Oh, and fire wood.  My mother lives about 4 miles from where we were camping at Kerr Lake so I was able to borrow all of these items and picked up wood and twigs from her woods.


John Eric, Ellen and Rayson contemplating the cold water.

The only damage Bella suffered was 2 knocked out screens and one bent curtain rod.  All things fixable. I haven't had time to fix them yet nor have I had time to finish up the trim on the inside and build the cabinet over the stove.  I will post some pictures as soon as I figure out how to get them from facebook to here.

I will also be setting Bella up for Halloween.  I will be sure to take pictures so that you can see her with her awning.  I designed and sewed her awning to match her polka dots.  It looks really cute if I should say so myself.  Ha.  I am still making things for crafts shows, so I need to stay on track with that and try to finish Bella before it gets too cold.